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Soop Cemetery:

On November 13th, 2011, ICGH went and visited Soop Cemetery to see what we could find. Unfortunately, we did not see nor hear anything while conducting our investigation that night, which was a bit disappointing we must say. But after close review of the evidence, We did manage to capture a few EVP's, and a lot of strange Orbs. So take a listen, review some of the pictures taken, and you be the judge.

So, at this time we are deff planning a return trip back to see if we can't capture anymore avtivity.

Investigative Team:

Kenny Schecter

Leon Jeffery

Scott James

Equiptment Used:

Canon PowerShot Sx10

1 Cell Semsor EMF Detector

1 Gauess Meter EMF Detector

1 Olympus Digital Recorder

1 Olympus Analog Tape Recorder

4 Motion Sensors

1 IR Thermometer

Two-Way Radios


Class A EVP of a man saying "Look at me"

Enhanced audio of a man talking

Enhanced audio of Elizabeth Soop

***All photos, videos, and audio recordings are the sole property of Inter-City Ghost Hunters.***

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