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  • Paranormal Research | Inter-City Ghost Hunters (ICGH)

    NEWS AND EVENTS: Here is an Ovilus session we performed while investigating the second floor at the Haunted Mill. did we have a guest joining us during our holiday feast. ​ Happy Hauntings - ICGH National Paranormal Day – May 3rd, 2022 National Ghost Hunting Day – Sept. 24th, 2022 Upcoming Paranormal Events 2022: Paranormal News Insider Help support the restoration of the historic 6th Precinct Detroit Police Station (formally the McGraw Station) Leave Us Some Feedback Members Area

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  • ICGH | Team

    Meet the Family Kenny Schecter: Founder Lead Investigator Digital Accreditations Jayden Skutnick: A/V Tech Investigator

  • ICGH | Events

    ***These are not ICGH sponsored or related, these events are posted for anyone interested in attending*** Paranormal Events 2022: HAUNTED GALENA CONFERENCE - Ended - April 29th-30th 2022 | DeSoto House Hotel, Galena, Il ParaPsyCon III - Ended May 20 - 22nd 2022 | Ohio State Reformatory - Mansfield OH HAUNTED AMERICA CONFERENCE - Ended JUne 24th-25th 2022 | ALTON, ILLINOIS | BEST WESTERN PREMIER HOTEL 8th ANNUAL NEW JERSEY PARAUNITY EXPO - Ended JULY 23RD 2022 | 1 SAMUEL LUPO PLACE - WOODBRIDGE, NJ MIPARACON - Ended August 25th-27th 2022 | 12th Annual Michigan Paranormal Convention Frankenfest at Historic Fort Wayne September 17th,, 2022, - Detroit MI Minnesota ParaUnity Convention Sept 30th - Oct 1st 2022 | Mystic Lake Casino - Mystic Lake Casino, MN Mid Michigan Paranormal Convention NOVEMBER 6TH, 2022 | Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort - Mt. Pleasant, Mi Haunted Tours/Public/Private Investigations: Waverly Hills Sanatorium: Louisville, KY The ohio state reformatory (Mansfield Reformatory) Mansfield, OH Willoughby Ghost Walk: Willoughby, OH Eloise Asylum: Westland, Mi Haunted Old Mill: Dundee, Mi Historic Fort Wayne After Dark Tours: Detroit, Mi Ghosts & Gravestones Tours: Pennhurst Asylum: Spring City, PA Eastern State Penitentiary: Philadelphia, PA West Virginia Penitentiary: Moundsville, WV Missouri State Penitentiary: Jefferson City, MO Villisca Axe Murder House: Villisca, Iowa Haunted Hill View Manor: New Castle, PA Haunted History Tours: New Orleans Ghost Tours Haunted Hinsdale House: Hinsdale, New York st albans sanatorium: St. Albans VA Octagon Hall: Franklin KY Ghost Hunts USA: This site contains numerous locations for ghost hunting Historic Goldfield Hotel: Goldfield NV Ashmore Estates: Ashmore, IL Prospect Place Estates: Trinway, OH USS Edson: Saginaw, MI Click here to view Past events

  • ICGH | Equipment

    Some of the equiptment ICGH will typically use on an investigation. ​ Gauss Meter (EMF Detector) EM Pumps DVR System Digital Recorders Mel-Meter - 8407R Thermometers Spirit Box Lazer Grid Pens Motion Sensors Two-way radios Flashlight... and what we like to call our "survival kit". 1/13

  • ICGH | Six mile and Mound Cemetary

    Sacred Heart Cemetery: Though we did not experience any paranormal activity on the night of our investigation, nor did we manage to capture anything on our digital camera, we did however, record what we believe is a female voice during an EVP session that evening. You can hear the EVP at the top of this page. ​ The photos to the right were taken during our investigation, though nothing was captured, still cool pictures non the less. ​ Investigative Team: Kenny Schecter Leon Jeffery Raheem West Akeem West ​ Equiptment Used: EMF Detector EVP Recorder (digital & analog) Thermometer Two-Way Radios Flashlights Canon Powershot Sx10 Digital Camera 1/11 Enhanced audio of a female voice saying..."no, just leave" ***All photos, videos, and audio recordings are the sole property of Inter-City Ghost Hunters.***

  • ICGH | Millar Cases

    Millar Cemetery Cases: April 21, 2012 May 22, 2012

  • ICGH | Paranormal Unity

    We at ICGH promote paranormal unity within our community, so we have created this page as a way to promote our paranormal brothers and sisters and their groups. If you have a paranormal group and would like to post your groups link or banner on our Paranormal Unity page, click the link below to submit your groups information. ​ Happy Hauntings - ICGH Ole Skool Paranormal Website Genesse Paranormal Research Website The Southern Michigan ParaNormals Website Missouri Office of Paranormal Investigation Website Haunt Investigators of Michigan Website Paranormal Societies Website High Heels and Hauntings Website Join Us

  • ICGH | Millar

    We are still reviewing our evidence from our return trip to Millar Cemetery, please check back later. Thank-You for visiting Inter-City Ghost Hunters.