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  • ICGH | Team

    Meet the ICGH Team Kenny Schecter: Founder Lead Investigator Jayden Skutnick: Investigator

  • Paranormal Research | Inter-City Ghost Hunters (ICGH)

    NEWS AND EVENTS: Inter-City Ghost Hunters (ICGH), are a paranormal research team, and is currently planning a trip to Detroit's Historic 6th Precinct, check back soon to see what we catch. ​ Happy Hauntings - ICGH National Paranormal Day – May 3, 2021 Upcoming Paranormal Events 2021: Paranormal News Insider Members Area Leave Us Some Feedback

  • ICGH | Soop Cemetery

    Soop Cemetery: On November 13th, 2011, ICGH went and visited Soop Cemetery to see what we could find. Unfortunately, we did not see nor hear anything while conducting our investigation that night, which was a bit disappointing we must say. But after close review of the evidence, We did manage to capture a few EVP's, and a lot of strange Orbs. So take a listen, review some of the pictures taken, and you be the judge. ​ So, at this time we are deff planning a return trip back to see if we can't capture anymore avtivity. ​ Investigative Team: Kenny Schecter Leon Jeffery Scott James ​ Equiptment Used: Canon PowerShot Sx10 1 Cell Semsor EMF Detector 1 Gauess Meter EMF Detector 1 Olympus Digital Recorder 1 Olympus Analog Tape Recorder 4 Motion Sensors 1 IR Thermometer Two-Way Radios Flashlight Soop.jpg Dedication Memorial_2 Elizabeth Soop Soop.jpg 1/31 Class A EVP of a man saying "Look at me" Enhanced audio of a man talking Enhanced audio of Elizabeth Soop ***All photos, videos, and audio recordings are the sole property of Inter-City Ghost Hunters.***

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    Access beyond this point is restricted to Members Only. Become a member and view even more evidence and content from our investigations. Best of all..... Becoming a Member is Free ! Become a Member Today Join Member's Area Enter

  • ICGH | Events

    Upcoming Paranormal Events 2021: HAUNTED AMERICA CONFERENCE JULY 23-24, 2021 | ALTON, ILLINOIS | BEST WESTERN PREMIER HOTEL MIPARACON 11th Annual Michigan Paranormal Convention August 26-28, 2021 Haunted Heights Paracon Annual Haunted Heights Paranormal Convention. MAY 21st & 22nd. Mid Michigan Paranormal Convention SUNDAY, NOVEMBER 7TH, 2021 - 9AM-6PM - Held in The Grand Ballroom at the Holiday Inn - Gateway Center Little Traverse Bay Parafest Eight October 8-9 2021, Terrace Inn, Bay View MI Lockdown at the Precinct Saturday, July 31 2021 - 12 PM - 1 AM - Detroit MI Midwest Parafest 3 Sept 18th 2021 - "The Oliver House", Toledo, OH Haunted Tours: Waverly Hills Sanatorium: Louisville, KY The ohio state reformatory (Mansfield Reformatory) Mansfield, OH Willoughby Ghost Walk: Willoughby, OH Eloise Asylum: Westland, Mi Haunted Old Mill: Dundee, Mi Haunted History Tours: New Orleans Ghost Tours Ghosts & Gravestones Tours Pennhurst Asylum: Spring City, PA Eastern State Penitentiary: Philadelphia, PA West Virginia Penitentiary: Moundsville, WV Villisca Axe Murder House: Villisca, Iowa Haunted Hill View Manor: New Castle, PA ***These are not ICGH sponsored or related, these events are posted for anyone interested in attending***

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    Whether your new to Paranormal investigating or looking to add or upgrade your equipment, check out these great links for all your paranormal needs.

  • ICGH | Case Files

    Public Case Files: Here are a few of the investigations that inter-city ghost hunters have conducted. Click on the Folder of the investigation you would like to see from the list to read about what we found that night, and to see any pictures or videos that were taken. Soop Cemetery - Belleville, Mi. Millar Cemetery - Clinton Twp, Mi. Sacred Heart Cemetery - Detroit, Mi. ***All photos, videos, and audio recordings are the sole property of Inter-City Ghost Hunters.***

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    Evidence and other videos that ICGH has been involved with.

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    To schedule a private investigation, send us an e-mail listed below. ***All investigations are kept in strict confidence*** Our location: Eastpointe, MI Contact us:

  • ICGH | Paranormal Unity

    We at ICGH promote paranormal unity within our community, so we have created this page as a way to promote our paranormal brothers and sisters and their groups. If you have a paranormal group and would like to post your groups link or banner on our Paranormal Unity page, click the link below to submit your groups information. ​ Happy Hauntings - ICGH Ole Skool Paranormal Website Genesse Paranormal Research Website The Southern Michigan ParaNormals Website Missouri Office of Paranormal Investigation Website Haunt Investigators of Michigan Website Paranormal Societies Website Join Us